our promise

We approach every client/student with respect and integrity.

We don't promise more than we can deliver and we deliver what we promise.


Our background covers >50 years in Radio/TV Broadcasting including Voice Overs, training,  production,  music performance, recording industry,and  live event production for concerts, stage, and musicals.

our rates

We never try to "up-sell".  Our rates are always reasonable and professional.  Payment plans are available

for select


client care

We understand the implications of every choice our clients  make. We tailor our programs to meet your individual needs. We do not provide unnecessary services to maximize profits. Programs will be recommended  on a case-by-case


"Having worked with Bill Brooks at Word Power Studios on some audio book titles, we can attest to his utmost professionalism and keen embrace of teamwork.  Fantastic audio recording and production, for sure, and one that we are only too happy to heartily endorse."

Anthony Pomes of Square One Publisher, Inc.

P: 833.876.9300