Voice Lab Services


This course usually consists of  6 - one hour sessions at $100 each. Upon completion you will be capable of finding, recording,  and submitting auditions. You will have the ability to accept  contracts and deliver completed audiobooks.  An introduction to Audacity is also included. A personal recording studio is required.  This course does not include technique


Studio Setup

Studio Setup Consulting is provided for $100 per hour.

In todays voice-over world, a personal recording space is necessary.

We will provide you with a list of all items,  equipment, and acoustic treatment needed for your studio. Once obtained, we will assist you in all aspects of setup to ensure that top quality and industry standard audio levels are



This course usually consists of  3 - one hour sessions at $100 each.  There are many options for digital recording software (DAW).  Audacity is the most popular choice by VO professionals.  Upon completion you will be capable of recording, editing, mastering, archiving and delivering finished digital recording files meeting industry standard levels

and technical



Our coaching program is tailored to your specific needs. We generally suggest beginning with a complimentary 30 minute FREE online session.   Coaching rate is $125 per hour.  We offer a variety of packages for new and aspiring voice talent as well as mentoring on an hourly rate for intermediate level

and established

talent for


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